2018 Series Results are Updated!

Please go to Livelaps and review your series points results. We want to ensure that all results are accurate as we prepare to order awards for the 2018 series. Please contact Marc Williams if you have any questions about your scores. A huge thanks to Marc and Janaphar for their tireless efforts in this enormous task of tabulating the series results!

Marc Williams Contact Info:



2018 Season Standings click here

Map to Barteau Ranch

This map starts at the intersection of I-35 and Hwy 82 in Gainesville.

Barteau Map.JPG

Barteau Flyer

Here is the updated Barteau Flyer with the date change.  This is the only change from the original flyer.  See you there!

2018 Barteau Flyer.jpg

Boondockers Flyer

With the recent rains we have had in West Texas the dirt will never be better.  You have to come to this race!  Even if you hate sand it will be a blast when its wet like this.  See you there! 

boondockers flier.jpg

Corresponding BJEC to TSCEC Classes

In case you aren’t sure what BJEC class to sign up for at Barteau, here is a spreadsheet that shows how BJEC classes correspond to TSCEC classes.  Please note that when our scorekeeper transcribes the results into Livelaps he will make sure your results align to your correct class. 

BJEC Classes.JPG

Barteau Ranch Enduro- Oct. 14th 2018

Lots of effort has gone into getting TSCEC co-sanctioned with BJEC to make this race happen.  This is hopefully the precursor to getting more BJEC races on the schedule in the future and having more co-sanctioned events with BJEC at TSCEC races.  This ranch is beautiful and it’s an excellent trail system that everyone of all abilities will enjoy.  Let’s show BJEC and Red River Dirt Riders that we are excited about working together to promote our sport.  See you at Barteau!!


2018 Brunes Mill 2-Day Enduro Sep. 22-23rd.

If you are planning on doing some racing between now and the end of the year you better plan on getting down to the Houston area for this 2-day event.  TSCEC only has 3 races currently on the schedule between now and the end of the year and 2 of them are the Brunes Mill events.  If the weather people are remotely correct and we have an El Nino fall then the weather at this race will be outstanding.  If they are wrong and it ends up being hot then suck it up and attend anyway.  Online signup opened Aug. 1st.  Go to LiveLaps.com to signup.   See you there!


brunes mill 2018 enduro flyer - livelaps.jpg

2019 TSCEC Planning Meeting- August 18th, Abilene Texas.

Please make plans to attend this meeting.  This is your opportunity to make your requests and feedback known to the leadership team regarding rules, schedule, organization, leadership or any ideas you may have to aid in improving our circuit's success.  The meeting will take place in Abilene at the MCM Elegante Hotel and Conference Center.   We will begin at 9:00 A.M. and conclude at approximately 2:00 P.M. or earlier if agenda items are covered prior to that time.  In the event that you can't attend please contact someone on the board with any issues or ideas you would like to have addressed at the meeting.  Contact information for each board member is posted on this website under the "Contact" tab.  

Thanks for your continued support of TSCEC and we look forward to a great meeting in August as we prepare to make 2019 one of the best ever for our organization!

Escondido Draw Cancellation, Boondockers Date Change

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Escondido Draw races will not take place this year.    TSCEC is working on a replacement race to keep our magic number of 12 races which allows riders 3 drops for the year.   Stay tuned as we work on a location and a date.  Additionally, Boondockers date has changed and will now be held Nov. 4th.  The schedule on the website should be reflective of these changes.  Thanks for participating in our riding circuit and know that we are doing all we can to make this an organization that we can all be proud of. 

Free Livelaps Rider Tags

You need to be at the Concho race April 22nd.  Besides one heck of a beautiful piece of property chock full of great trail and wildlife, TSCEC will be giving away the new transponders for the LiveLaps scoring system.  This is a great opportunity to save a few bucks as we convert to the new system.  So get signed up or just load your stuff up and get to Blackwell Texas sometime on Saturday.  You might want to get there in time to enter the limbo contest after the mini race!!