TSCEC Officer Vacancies

TSCEC has 2 vacancies on the board that need to be filled as of August 4th at the planning meeting.  First, Casey Williamson has resigned as President.  We appreciate Casey serving in this capacity the last 2 years.  Second, Michael Parker has resigned as Mini-chair and we also appreciate his hard work and dedication in that role.  Those that are interested in serving in either of these two capacities need to email JD Messineo at(jdmessineo@gmail.com)  and let him know that you are willing to run for one of those positions.  The election process will take place at the planning meeting, Aug. 4th at Blackwell, TX. at the ranch where the Concho enduro is held. 

2019 Barteau Ranch Enduro

Mini Enduro Saturday April 27th, 2019

Restart Enduro Sunday April 28th, 2019

Black Jack Enduro Circuit will be scoring this race with MotoTally. Make sure and bring your MotoTally transponder. Transponders will be available at the race to purchase if you need one.

Signup @ MotoTally

Barteau 2019.jpg

Forest Smith Fundraiser

Forest Smith Fundraiser

Most of you know by now that RMEC’s Chairman Forest Smith was seriously injured in an accident last weekend at the Mint 400 in Las Vegas. TSCEC is committed to helping Forest with his medical bills and his road to recovery. PEA in conjunction with TSCEC and RMEC are hosting a fundraiser the weekend of the Caprock Canyons Enduro March 30-31. Stickers will be for sale that will fit on a fender or number plate of your bike at the race. We are asking to give what you feel is appropriate to help Forest and in return you will receive one of these stickers for your bike. All funds that are raised from the sticker sale are going to be matched by a generous donor. Let’s do everything we can as an organization to help Forest in his road to recovery. See you all at Caprock Canyons.


Sandwinder 2019 Max Capacity Reached

Important Notice!

Max capacity has been reached for the Sandwinder 2019 Enduro. Thank you TSCEC riders for preregistering in record numbers! If you have not preregistered already, you unfortunately will NOT be able to race. There is a possibility that there could be a very limited number of stand-by slots available on the day of the race due to no shows.

We still have room for your mini enduro riders. Please bring your youth out on Saturday and cheer them on!

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