For all of you DFW based racers, TSCEC recommends a step leaner on the clip and main jet when racing at LTR.  The elevation is much higher than DFW and there ins't as much oxygen in the air.  For you fine folks making the drive down from the Rockies, be sure to richen that bike up so you don't seize it down here where the air is thick!


The ground at the Lone Star Enduro is hard.  Riders will experience hard pack, a few rocks, and multiple river beds throughout the day.  The ground is very abrasive and we recommend a tire that is made for more intermediate to hard conditions.  If you are running bib mousses, you're on the right track.  If you have tubes in your tires, we suggest the heavy duty kind pumped full of tire sealant because if you get of the trail at this race, the chances of you riding through cactus or mesquite are high.


The mesquite trees at the Lone Star Enduro have no trouble going through your skin.  We suggest wearing a chest protector and using hand guards to minimize the chances of getting impaled.








Test Lengths:

Day 1:

Test 1: 9.8 Miles

Test 2: 10.1 Miles

Test 3: 6 miles

Test 4: 8.3 Miles

Test 5: 8.4 Miles

Test 6: 9.8 Miles

Test 7: 10.1 Miles

Day 2:

Test 1: 7 Miles

Test 2: 10.2 Miles

Test 3: 6 Miles

Test 4: 10.2 Miles

Test 5: 8.4 Miles

Test 6: 7.8 Miles

Test 7: 9.2 Miles

Test 8: 11 Miles



Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day.  With the cooler temps this time of year, it's easy to forget to continuously drink water but the higher elevation and dry air tends to make you feel dehydrated.  Pedialite and coconut water are a great way to get additional electrolytes heading into the race weekend.  Be sure to carry an energy bar or gel in your fanny pack or taped to your cross bar pad.  You will have numerous chances to catch your breath at free time areas and it's a great time to refuel your body when you are far away from camp.  If you are wearing a fanny pack, it's a good idea to carry a spare pair of gloves in case you decide to grab a hand full of cactus during a crash.  Remember to look as far ahead as possible, the speeds at LTR are general fast and it can be easy at times to miss a corner.  It is your responsibility to stay on course and just because you see tracks doesn't mean you are on the course, look for ribbon and arrows.  The LTR club does a great job of marking the course so you will see plenty of trail markers throughout the day.