Promotions from 2013/2014 Season into the 2014.2015 Season
Effective First Race at Hidden Falls September 28th 2014.


Top 10 A Class to AA Rule 6.2.1


Cole Kirkpatrick

Martin Howell

Haydn Franklin

Kevin Foster

Travis Krist

Cameron Kirkpatrick

Jeff Oĺeary

Gaylon Gray

Drew Higgins

Greg Storie


B class to A class Rule 6.2.2

Jakob Williams

Kyle Carlisle

Ben Freich

Curtis Storm

Mark Rogers

Alan Cotton

Charlie St.John

Wes Reeves


Age Class to Masters 

Masters A: See Rule 6.2.7 and 6.2.4

Darryl Smith

Sam Merritt

Ty Rains

Roddy Gray

Randal Fowler


Masters B See Rule 6.2.7 and 6.2.4

T.J. Houghton

Michael Vasily

David Alders

Steven Neff


C class to B class Rule 6.2.3

Parker Neff

Amber Terry

Shannon Sanford

Joe Hawkins

John Prosser


16 Under L/W to any class or Sportsman. Rule 6.2.5

Steven Lucas

Michael Seigler