The TSCEC Executive Committee had a productive meeting this past Sunday.  We voted in 2 new officers, Michael Parker will serve as President and Brian Creech will serve as mini-chair for the 2020 season.  We discussed the 2020 schedule, financials, banquet,  and rule changes that needed our attention.  The rules committee will be convening to discuss the rule changes and bring them before the Executive Committee for approval.  The schedule is a “work in progress” much like it is every year from the time we meet until the season starts.  It is a complicated procedure as much calendar juggling is necessary to provide all clubs an opportunity to hold their race on a weekend that works for them and the rest of the circuit.  We will finalize and publish the schedule as soon as we possibly can.  Be on the lookout for an opportunity to vote on some options for the banquet in 2020.  There has been some voicing of opinion that it might be more enjoyable to not have the banquet in conjunction with a race.  Some are in favor and some like to have both on the same weekend to maximize their travel time and expense.  We will be putting out a survey soon on Facebook asking you to vote for what you would like to see.  Please make plans to attend the Hidden Falls Enduro at the end of September.  We need to continue to have this race on our schedule going forward and a large attendance will solidify the Hidden Falls leadership to continue to host this race.  We hope to see all of the TSCEC family there.  It will be here before you know it!