An adventure

An enduro is the ultimate test of man and machine.  Riders follow a marked course for the first time on race day and experience a variety of terrain and special test length throughout the race.  If you're looking for a great way to spend a day racing with your machine in the unknown, look no further.


No Timekeeping     

TSCEC events are run as restart format enduros. This means that riders don't need confusing time keeping equipment or roll charts.  Simply ride from test section to test section and enjoy ample free time before each test. In the rare occurrence that an event is a timekeeper, it will not pay TSCEC championship points.


Unexpected Challenges

The great thing about enduro racing is the unexpected challenges that are waiting around each corner.  At TSCEC enduros there is no practice.  Riders race over a well marked course which helps develop trail reading skills that will make any racer a better rider.

Push yourself

Let's face it, enduros are hard.  Over time, you will find yourself progressing as a rider and racer from the challenges that will be experienced at TSCEC events.