Course Info- PBMA 2 Day Sprint Dec. 9th-10th

Here is the course info for the 2 day Sprint coming up.  Please make plans to attend this race weekend!  The folks at PBMA have done a great job of putting this together so we could have a good finish to the 2017 season.  It will be a fun weekend for sure!


PBMA Course Info.JPG

President's Page

Please see Casey Williamson's post on the Presidents Page. 

Round 12 and 13 Update

Some of you may know that EDRA had to cancel their event in December due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control.  Fortunately there has been a replacement for those 2 races.  PBMA is going to host a 2 day Sprint Enduro at Fluvanna, Texas on the same dates as the EDRA races were going to be held on.  Those dates are Dec. 9th and 10th.  The schedule has been updated to reflect the change and PLEASE make plans to attend those races on those dates.  They WILL be points races so if you are chasing points they will count for season standings.  More information is soon to come as PBMA gets prepared to host this event. 

Individual Scoring Issues


If you have any previous issues with scores from any races in 2017 that need to be addressed such as being placed in an incorrect class or others please email Marc Williams (our new scorekeeper)  and he will work with you to get them resolved.   His contact information is below:

Marc Williams




The Zink National Enduro is fast upon us and we were contacted by the Tulsa Trail Riders to inform all our riders that they are capping the endure at 500 riders.  There are still spots available but it is filling up fast.  If you think you are going it would be good to get signed up so you have a spot, otherwise you will be put on a waiting list.  You have to have an account with Live Laps in order to sign up.  It's super easy, just go to the link below to set up an account, it's free.   Once you have created your account you can sign up for the Zink enduro from the same page you created the account from.  We have requested a flier from Tulsa Trail Riders and if we get one it will be posted on our website.  I can tell you that I saw Grant and Steward Baylor, Russell Bobbitt, Thad Duvall, Andrew Delong and others signed up so how cool to see those guys and their teams at a race.  They are signing up currently on Row 100, maybe further back then that so it's getting close to being full.  Hope to see you there!


Brunes Mill Online Signup Is OPEN!

Online signup for Brunes Mill is now OPEN!  Go to the signup page here on the website and get signed up and let's have a huge turnout at Brunes!

Brunes Mill

TSCEC Riders,

The flyer for Brunes Mill is posted below.  The new TSCEC officers are working diligently to get this fall season started off smoothly and now it's your turn to help the organization.  We need everyone to sign up to race at Brunes Mill.  I know, it's a long trip for some of us.  It was hotter than a two dollar pistol down there last year.  They are fixing to get about a foot of rain from a tropical storm coming off the Gulf.  Isn't that what riding enduros is all about?  If we wanted perfect conditions all the time we would ride a night series at a motocross track somewhere (not that there is anything wrong with that).  So get signed up, get your gear together and service that bike that may not have been ridden since the last race in May and let's go to Brunes Mill for some fun.  See you there! 

Online signup is still not activated.  Sorry for the delay, we are transferring links and passwords from old officers to new.  Should be up and running shortly, I will post on this section when its ready.  Just FYI, the news page will now be the homepage for TSCEC and will be the first page that populates your screen when you go to the website.  This will be the page for all current communication for race information. 

2017 Race Season Part 2

Keep an eye out for online sign-up and flyer to be posted for Brunes Mill coming very soon.  We have new folks who are learning the ropes of their new positions with TSCEC.  Website navigation and activating online signup is part of that learning process but things are progressing nicely and we should be up to speed shortly.  Thanks for your patience and let's get ready to go racing!