Round 3 & 4 Special Test Sponsors & Class Prizes

Saturday Day 1

Test #1 - 40+B

Trail Tech Vapor Computer

Test #2 - 16 and Under Small Wheel

100% Ride Award


Test # 3 - Open C 

Hammer Nutrition Refuel Kit


Sunday Day 2

Test #1 - 250 B

Renthal Fatbars - TJ's Cycle


Test #2 - Masters B

Trail Tech Vapor Computer


Test #3 - 55+ SC

2 Pair of Goggle - Sponsored by TJ's Cycle


Test #4 - 16 and Under Large Wheel

100% Ride Aware, Goggles & Hat


Test #5 - 50+ A

Husky Dakar Motopak by Ogio


Test #6 - AA Class

Hammer Nutrition EMS Refuel Pak

Top Ten for Round 3 Row 21A-30A

21A - Drew Higgins

22A - Haydn Franklin

23A - Zach Ingram

24A - Blake Maples

25A - Jeff O'Leary

26A - Austin Benoy

27A - Scott Bright

28A - Rick Emerson

29A - Cole Shobert

30A - Cole Reynolds

Round 2 Special Test Winners

Thank you to our sponsors who step up in Round 2 Boondockers Enduro! They Prizes are as follows:

Special Test 1:  

Class: 50+ SC

Trail Tech Vapor Computer


Special Test 2:

Class: 40 + SC

New Rear 18" Dirt bike tire, Brand TBD

Donated by: Shannon Sanford


Special Test 3:

Class: Sportsman

SRT Offroad KTM Rear Aluminum Shark Fin


Special Test 4:

Class: 45+ SC

New Rear 18" Dirt bike tire, Brand TBD

Donated by: Shannon Sanford


Special Test 5:

Class: 200 B

100% Award, Goggles & Hat


Special Test 6:

Class 200 A

Hammer Nutrition Refuel Kit


Top Ten for Round 2

Top ten overall A/AA/Pro racers at Round 1 Hidded Falls Enduro Below.
Top ten starting grid for A/AA/Pro racers for Round 2  WestTexas Boondockers Enduro below:

21A - Drew Higgins
22A - Cole Kirkpatrick
23A - Zach Ingram
24A - Cameron Kirkpatrick
25A - Blake Maples
26A - Haydn Franklin
27A - Martin Howell
28A - Austin Benoy
29A - Adam Krefting
30A - Ben Otto

Congratulation to our top 10 TSCEC racers for round 2. See you at the races. 

Round 1 Special Test Sponsors and Class Prizes

Special Test 1 Sponsor: 

Napalm Motorsports Husqvarna, Victory

Prize: $500 Fly Gear Bucks

Winner: Fastest Rider in Open B


Special Test 2 Sponsor:

TJ's Cycles Sales & Service KTM

Prize: 7 Pair of Scott Goggles (Tyrant & Hustle) a $300 Value

Winner: Fastest Rider in 250 C, Open C, 50 B, 40 B, 250 B, 16 Under Small Wheel, 16 Under Large Wheel (7 Winners)


Special Test 3 Sponsor:

Central Texas Powersports Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, Can-Am, Polaris

Prize: TBD - Something Sweet!

Winner: Fastest Rider in 200 C


Special Test 4 Sponsor:

Trail Tech

Prize: Trail Tech Vapor Computer

Winner: Fastest Rider in Masters A


Special Test 5 Sponsor:

100% Goggle Award

Prize: One pair of 100% Goggles & Hat

Winner: Fastest Rider in Women


Special Test 6 Sponsor:

Action Motorsports KTM & Husqvarna

Prize: 18" rear & 21" Front Tubeless Tube System

Winner: Fastest Rider in 40+A


Special Test 7 Sponsor:

812 Suspension Design

Prize: Complete Fork & Shock Service & Re-build a $400 Value

Winner: Fastest Rider in Open A


Special Test 8 Sponsor:

Suspension Dynamics

Prize: Complete For & Shock Service & Rebuild

Winner: Fastest Rider in 250 A


*** All prize winners must be present to claim prize, These items will be awarded during trophy presentation

Class promotions from 2013-2014 season

Promotions from 2013/2014 Season into the 2014.2015 Season
Effective First Race at Hidden Falls September 28th 2014.


Top 10 A Class to AA Rule 6.2.1


Cole Kirkpatrick

Martin Howell

Haydn Franklin

Kevin Foster

Travis Krist

Cameron Kirkpatrick

Jeff Oĺeary

Gaylon Gray

Drew Higgins

Greg Storie


B class to A class Rule 6.2.2

Jakob Williams

Kyle Carlisle

Ben Freich

Curtis Storm

Mark Rogers

Alan Cotton

Charlie St.John

Wes Reeves


Age Class to Masters 

Masters A: See Rule 6.2.7 and 6.2.4

Darryl Smith

Sam Merritt

Ty Rains

Roddy Gray

Randal Fowler


Masters B See Rule 6.2.7 and 6.2.4

T.J. Houghton

Michael Vasily

David Alders

Steven Neff


C class to B class Rule 6.2.3

Parker Neff

Amber Terry

Shannon Sanford

Joe Hawkins

John Prosser


16 Under L/W to any class or Sportsman. Rule 6.2.5

Steven Lucas

Michael Seigler