Round 6 Special Test Sponsors & Class Prizes

Round 6 Special Test Sponsors & Class Prizes

Test #1 - 40+ B

Sponsored by: PMP Sprockets

(2) Rear PmP Sprockets of your choice.


Test #2 - 55+ SC

Sponsored by: Adventure Moto KTM / Husqvarna

KTM accessores; toaster, socks, t-shirt


Test #3 - Open C

Sponsored by: 100% 

Ride 100% Award, Goggles and Hat


Test #4 - 40+ SC

Sponsored by: Action Motorsports KTM

Front & Rear Tubliss System


Test #5 - 16 under Small Wheel

Sponsored by: Trail Tech

Vapor Trail Tech Computer


Test #6 - Open B

Sponsored by: SRT

Aluminum MX Stand


Test #7 - 50+ SC

Sponsored by: KTM of North Texas / SLM

Set of Tires

250 A

Sponsored by: Hammer Nutrition

Refueling kit; Heed, gels, bars, Fizz, Endurolytes, sticker kit.






Enduro 101 Class with Nick Fahringer Round 6

Trail tips for this weekend's Barteau Ranch Enduro.  Join us Saturday at 4pm as Nick Fahringer holds an Enduro 101 school.  Nick will be on hand to answer any and all questions that you may have regarding enduro racing so be sure to join us near sign up at 4pm Saturday.

Barteau Ranch Enduro Top Ten

21A_Cole Kikpatrick -- KTM

22A_Drew Higgins -- KTM

23A_Haydn Franklin -- KTM

24A_Shawn O'Leary -- KTM

25A_Rick Emerson -- KTM

26A_Steve Leivan -- KTM

27A_Dillon Green -- KTM

28A_Darren Fowler -- YAM

29A_Ty Howard -- KTM

30A_Bobby Whitmore -- KTM

Round 5 special Test Sponsors & Class Prizes

Round 5 special Test Sponsors & Class Prizes



Special Test # 1 - 250 C  sponsored by: Husqvarna USA

Husqvarna Dakar Motopak


Special Test # 2 - 60+ SC sponsored by: PJ1

PJ1 Care Kit (Air Filter oil/cleaner, Black label chain lube, contact cleaner 6 cans)


Special Test # 3 - 200 C sponsored by: 100%

100% Award (hat and goggles)


Special Test # 4 - 50+ B sponsored by: Trail Tech

Trail Tech Vapor Computer


Special Test # 5 - 250 B sponsored by: Hammer Nutrition

Hammer Nutrition Refuel Pak (verity of bars, gels, endurolytes, fizz, tube of Heed)


Special Test # 6 - Open A sponsored by: Family Powersports / Tucker Rocky 

Set of Dunlap Geomax Tires

Dunlap Geomax AT81RC 110/100-18 Rear, Geomax MX51 21" Front

Top Ten for Round 5

21A Cole Kirktatrick

22A Drew Higgins

23A Haydn Franklin

24A Zach Ingram

25A Blake Maples

26A Cameron Kirkpatrick

27A Ben Otto

28A Jeff O'Leary

29A Austin Benoy

30A Cole Reynolds

Round 3 & 4 Special Test Sponsors & Class Prizes

Saturday Day 1

Test #1 - 40+B

Trail Tech Vapor Computer

Test #2 - 16 and Under Small Wheel

100% Ride Award


Test # 3 - Open C 

Hammer Nutrition Refuel Kit


Sunday Day 2

Test #1 - 250 B

Renthal Fatbars - TJ's Cycle


Test #2 - Masters B

Trail Tech Vapor Computer


Test #3 - 55+ SC

2 Pair of Goggle - Sponsored by TJ's Cycle


Test #4 - 16 and Under Large Wheel

100% Ride Aware, Goggles & Hat


Test #5 - 50+ A

Husky Dakar Motopak by Ogio


Test #6 - AA Class

Hammer Nutrition EMS Refuel Pak

Top Ten for Round 3 Row 21A-30A

21A - Drew Higgins

22A - Haydn Franklin

23A - Zach Ingram

24A - Blake Maples

25A - Jeff O'Leary

26A - Austin Benoy

27A - Scott Bright

28A - Rick Emerson

29A - Cole Shobert

30A - Cole Reynolds

Round 2 Special Test Winners

Thank you to our sponsors who step up in Round 2 Boondockers Enduro! They Prizes are as follows:

Special Test 1:  

Class: 50+ SC

Trail Tech Vapor Computer


Special Test 2:

Class: 40 + SC

New Rear 18" Dirt bike tire, Brand TBD

Donated by: Shannon Sanford


Special Test 3:

Class: Sportsman

SRT Offroad KTM Rear Aluminum Shark Fin


Special Test 4:

Class: 45+ SC

New Rear 18" Dirt bike tire, Brand TBD

Donated by: Shannon Sanford


Special Test 5:

Class: 200 B

100% Award, Goggles & Hat


Special Test 6:

Class 200 A

Hammer Nutrition Refuel Kit


Top Ten for Round 2

Top ten overall A/AA/Pro racers at Round 1 Hidded Falls Enduro Below.
Top ten starting grid for A/AA/Pro racers for Round 2  WestTexas Boondockers Enduro below:

21A - Drew Higgins
22A - Cole Kirkpatrick
23A - Zach Ingram
24A - Cameron Kirkpatrick
25A - Blake Maples
26A - Haydn Franklin
27A - Martin Howell
28A - Austin Benoy
29A - Adam Krefting
30A - Ben Otto

Congratulation to our top 10 TSCEC racers for round 2. See you at the races. 

Round 1 Special Test Sponsors and Class Prizes

Special Test 1 Sponsor: 

Napalm Motorsports Husqvarna, Victory

Prize: $500 Fly Gear Bucks

Winner: Fastest Rider in Open B


Special Test 2 Sponsor:

TJ's Cycles Sales & Service KTM

Prize: 7 Pair of Scott Goggles (Tyrant & Hustle) a $300 Value

Winner: Fastest Rider in 250 C, Open C, 50 B, 40 B, 250 B, 16 Under Small Wheel, 16 Under Large Wheel (7 Winners)


Special Test 3 Sponsor:

Central Texas Powersports Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, Can-Am, Polaris

Prize: TBD - Something Sweet!

Winner: Fastest Rider in 200 C


Special Test 4 Sponsor:

Trail Tech

Prize: Trail Tech Vapor Computer

Winner: Fastest Rider in Masters A


Special Test 5 Sponsor:

100% Goggle Award

Prize: One pair of 100% Goggles & Hat

Winner: Fastest Rider in Women


Special Test 6 Sponsor:

Action Motorsports KTM & Husqvarna

Prize: 18" rear & 21" Front Tubeless Tube System

Winner: Fastest Rider in 40+A


Special Test 7 Sponsor:

812 Suspension Design

Prize: Complete Fork & Shock Service & Re-build a $400 Value

Winner: Fastest Rider in Open A


Special Test 8 Sponsor:

Suspension Dynamics

Prize: Complete For & Shock Service & Rebuild

Winner: Fastest Rider in 250 A


*** All prize winners must be present to claim prize, These items will be awarded during trophy presentation

Class promotions from 2013-2014 season

Promotions from 2013/2014 Season into the 2014.2015 Season
Effective First Race at Hidden Falls September 28th 2014.


Top 10 A Class to AA Rule 6.2.1


Cole Kirkpatrick

Martin Howell

Haydn Franklin

Kevin Foster

Travis Krist

Cameron Kirkpatrick

Jeff Oĺeary

Gaylon Gray

Drew Higgins

Greg Storie


B class to A class Rule 6.2.2

Jakob Williams

Kyle Carlisle

Ben Freich

Curtis Storm

Mark Rogers

Alan Cotton

Charlie St.John

Wes Reeves


Age Class to Masters 

Masters A: See Rule 6.2.7 and 6.2.4

Darryl Smith

Sam Merritt

Ty Rains

Roddy Gray

Randal Fowler


Masters B See Rule 6.2.7 and 6.2.4

T.J. Houghton

Michael Vasily

David Alders

Steven Neff


C class to B class Rule 6.2.3

Parker Neff

Amber Terry

Shannon Sanford

Joe Hawkins

John Prosser


16 Under L/W to any class or Sportsman. Rule 6.2.5

Steven Lucas

Michael Seigler