LTR Vintage Bike Show

We are having a vintage bike show on Saturday at the LTR race.  If you have some vintage iron in the garage please load it up and bring it with you to the race.  Let the young ones see what real men used to ride 100 mile enduros on!

Vintage 1.jpg

2018 Mini Schedule Posted

The 2018 mini schedule has been posted.  Please know that these events are pending club agreement to put on the event.  We are HOPING that all these scheduled mini races will take place in 2018 but please know that there are situations where a club might not have enough manpower to get a mini organized and have the full length enduro.  TSCEC is planning on having a super short class this year at most if not all the races on the enduro schedule.  This is primarily being offered as a way for young riders to transition from racing mini's to full length enduros.  The super short is usually the first 2 tests of the full length enduro.  The kids will have the opportunity to ride the mini on Saturday and then have the option of riding the super short on Sunday.  More information will come as the 2018 series gets closer to kicking off.

President's Page

Please see Casey Williamson's post on the Presidents Page. 

Individual Scoring Issues


If you have any previous issues with scores from any races in 2017 that need to be addressed such as being placed in an incorrect class or others please email Marc Williams (our new scorekeeper)  and he will work with you to get them resolved.   His contact information is below:

Marc Williams




1.       Pre Entry is preferred

2.       Bring Your Helmet to Sign Up for Transponder Check – Sign up open Friday Night, Saturday morning from 7:00 am – 9:45 am

3.       No registration or sign up for Sprint after 9:45 am Saturday morning

4.       We have 2 Tests for all riders and the day is split into 2 sessions – from 10:00 am -12:30 , and 1:00 -3:30

5.       Session #1 from 10:00 – 12:30

              Each test ranges between 6-8 miles - Varied terrain

a.       Test # 1 for AA, A riders only -  You will ride 3 laps

b.      Test # 2 for B Riders – You will ride 3 laps

c.       Test # 2 for C Riders – You will ride 2 Laps

6.       Session # 2 – from 1:00 – 3:30

a.       Test # 2 for A, AA riders only – You will ride 3 laps

b.      Test # 1 for B and C riders – you will ride 2 laps each

7.       You can only ride your test # during your session time.

8.       All laps count for time – no dropped times

9.       Scores are cumulative times

10.   You will be given a rider number at sign in.

11.   We will start a rider every 15 seconds (aproxemently)

12.   You must ride all laps within the session time for it to count

13.   Transponders are required and available for 10.00 at sign up if do not have a Moto-Tally RFID transponder.

14.   Visual Checks and course workers will be on the course. Course cutting will result in immediate DQ from the event.

15.   Riders Meeting 9:30


Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Brent King, who passed away at Red Canyon Enduro on Sunday Jan 31, 2016

Link to Obituary